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 About Us

On Time Breakthrough Ministries is a faith-based ministry that is committed to worshipping and serving Jesus Christ. As an outreach ministry, we join with likeminded Christians in spreading the Gospel around the world through love and benevolence.

“Training To Transform Lives Through Prayer” is the ministry’s motto. We are dedicated to praying fervently for others and teaching prayer principles that lead to an “on-time breakthrough” encounter of God’s presence, power and peace.


VISION:  Our vision is to teach biblical and practical principles that empower individuals to discover their potential in order to make an impact in today’s society and community as a whole.

MISSION: Our main mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that fosters spiritual, personal, educational, financial, and intellectual growth; reconciling individuals to God, family and community. Secondly, to offer specialized hands-on training in prayer that teaches individuals various aspects of praying to cultivate a personal relationship with God through prayer, life experiences and studying scripture. Thirdly, we offer programs and resources to impact the lives of those that are less fortunate, such as low income families, and individuals transitioning into society from prison and transitional centers.


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