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Dr. Shana D. Goodson


Meet Dr. Goodson 

Prophetic Intercessor. Biblical Scholar. Spiritual Advisor. Renowned Teacher.

Dr. Shana D. Goodson is an anointed Prophetic Intercessor, Biblical Scholar, Spiritual Advisor and Renowned Teacher whose primary focus is to obey the Holy Spirit. She is a native of Rochester, New York and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. She was raised in a God fearing family; therefore, she received Christ at an early age. On Sunday, August 4, 1998, she affirmed her love for Jesus Christ and answered His call.

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It is our prayer that you receive a dynamic “on time” word of inspiration and learn new ways to develop and nurture your life of prayer.

~Dr. Shana

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“Prayers That Avail Much” is a seminar that teaches practical principles to cultivate a daily devotional life of prayer by studying biblical characters that were known for their devotion to God through prayer.

Prayers That Avail Much




“Dr. Shana is a powerful woman of God, who walks in love and humility, who works in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and whose ears are attuned to the voice of God.”

Ayauna Barron

CEO of Ayamani Design Co, Atlanta, GA

“Through the prayers, discernment, gifts of help and prophetic prowess of Dr. Shana, I was able to gain traction when I felt like giving up. There is a balance that this ministry brings to this city and others like it. May God continue to bless this powerful ministry.”

Prophetess Willette Jackson 

CEO of Royal Hair Images, Atlanta, GA

“I am humbled by the diligence of Dr. Shana consistent prayer life for myself and my children. The gift of prophecy has been very accurate pertaining to our life situations.”

Rachel Rose

Marketing Specialist


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